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SMALL LIGHTS FRIDAY Happy Friday, everyone! And – of course – Happy Small Lights Friday! I hope you’ve all been kind to each other and, if not, I hope it was for deserved revenge and it went smoothly for you.  I thought for today it would be a good idea to get back to the […]


RUTH PLASTER – MUD HEDZ I love everything I promote, from abstract art to upscale hair salons. Everything: The soaps, lotions, vintage teapots, digital prints and original paintings, my hair cuts, I could keep going. The businesswomen I get to write about every other week truly are as incredible as I describe them. And now, […]

abusive relationships

Identifying an abusive relationship Happy Friday, everyone! And, of course – Happy Small Lights Friday! It’s the first Friday of autumn, so I hope everyone is sipping their pumpkin spice coffee and wearing their maroon cardigans! I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to talk about how we can be Small Lights for the […]

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