Big News!

Happy Friday, my friends! I have missed you! And I have some very exciting news! Today we’re going to be talking about one business woman I know very well. IT’S ME! I’ve been grinding hard, really hard, and unfortunately that has caused a bit of a dip in my productivity here. I hate to leave […]


SMALL LIGHTS FRIDAY Happy Friday, everyone! And – of course – Happy Small Lights Friday! I hope you’ve all been kind to each other and, if not, I hope it was for deserved revenge and it went smoothly for you.  I thought for today it would be a good idea to get back to the […]


RUTH PLASTER – MUD HEDZ I love everything I promote, from abstract art to upscale hair salons. Everything: The soaps, lotions, vintage teapots, digital prints and original paintings, my hair cuts, I could keep going. The businesswomen I get to write about every other week truly are as incredible as I describe them. And now, […]

abusive relationships

Identifying an abusive relationship Happy Friday, everyone! And, of course – Happy Small Lights Friday! It’s the first Friday of autumn, so I hope everyone is sipping their pumpkin spice coffee and wearing their maroon cardigans! I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to talk about how we can be Small Lights for the […]


MOLLY’S APOTHECARY Anyone who knows me knows I love to pamper myself. I dream of deep clawfoot tubs, my head adorned with a crown of organic soap suds. The tips of my fingers are mini masseuses as they caress green seaweed cream onto my face every night. A spritz of rosewater isn’t only preferred, it’s […]

Submission Friday

IT’S THAT TIME! Happy Friday, everyone. I’m excited about today’s post because it’s not about one specific business, no. It’s about all of you! I am so thrilled to announce I am accepting submissions for women-owned businesses to be featured on our site! I will outline the submission guidelines below, but if you’re interested, it’s […]


EMERGENCY SMALL LIGHTS It’s Small Lights Friday, everyone. And yes, we had Small Lights last week, but this is an emergency, and I need to use every outlet I have. Unfortunately, I cannot wish you a happy Small Lights, as this is one of the most serious posts I will likely ever make on my […]


VACCINATION STATION Happy Small Lights Friday, everyone! I hope everyone is staying cool in the heat, staying dry in the rain, and staying away from doom-scrolling through recent events. There’s been a lot going on in the world this week, and it’s hard to wrap my head around it sometimes. I thought we could use […]

Mariana Cabral Art

mariana cabral art Mariana is as much an empath as she is an artist. Her own secrets are woven into the textures and colors of her creations. She, herself, personifies self expression. It is as real as the paint on her canvas. The colors call out, almost like plucking the strings of a Spanish guitar, […]


ANTI-RACIST Happy Friday, everyone! And – of course – Happy Small Lights Friday! I hope everyone has been staying cool in this oppressive heat. Hey, speaking of oppression, let’s get straight to it! Today, I would like to use our Small Lights platform to discuss systemic racism, and how to be anti-racist. Not just “not […]


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