Submission Friday


Happy Friday, everyone. I’m excited about today’s post because it’s not about one specific business, no. It’s about all of you! I am so thrilled to announce I am accepting submissions for women-owned businesses to be featured on our site! I will outline the submission guidelines below, but if you’re interested, it’s best to dig the vid:

I apologize for the weird lighting. I never said I was a film maker.


  • To be featured on, a website that specifically promotes women-owned and operated businesses, you must identify as a woman. All women are welcome here!
  • You must own over 50% of your business, or be self employed.
  • Email:
  • You can also submit through my site and my Instagram!


As stated in the video, if you identify as a woman I want to hear from you. While everyone is equally welcome and will (most likely) get a spot, I especially would love to hear from women who’s businesses are in the earlier stages.


Look, you’re already reading this, so you must have some interest in it. I ask that you share my video with your friends and family. Maybe you know someone who would like to be featured! Let them know I am accepting submissions!


Now go, my dear friend. Go and be kind. Be yourselves, be safe, and as always – have fun!

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